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October 2022 Round-up!

Dear Reader,

October has ushered in the change of seasons. See our highlights from the month below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Warm wishes,

Wessex Grazing and Wessex Wild

4 October 2022

The last 70 Exlana ewelambs off to a new home for breeding. We are now MV and Johnes accredited.

12th May news

5 October 2022

We have picked out the best Exlana ram lambs to sell next season. Now MV and Johnes accredited, these rams are out of very high maternal EBV rams from SIG, but we pick what we sell on conformation, feet and functionality.

7 October 2022

 Short film on farming in Purbeck:

“2022 was a very dry and challenging year for our farmers; hear how four locals are doing things differently. In this short film, find out why Purbeck is currently farmed in the way it is, the problems that farmers face and the long-term solutions they are working with. With Ian Baggs, Jake Hancock, Cath Best and Jack Goldsack.”

From Planet Purbeck.

8 October 2022

We recently sent a beef animal to the abattoir and it’s just been butchered by our friends at the Salt Pig. Here are Chrissy and Jack just labelling up and recording what we have so get in touch with chrissy@wessexwild.uk to order some delicious beef!

25th May news

19 October 2022

A bit harey up at Downton today!

22 October 2022

Dung beetle tidying up at Hartland.

24 October 2022

The last of my ram lambs enjoying a walk through the vineyard before hopping on a lorry for their final journey. We have now sold all culls and surplus lambs as fat or for breeding, so only females that will be bred are left on the farm. Feet up till lambing now! Well almost!

24 October 2022

It’s not all work work work!


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