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We are livestock farmers with a passion for livestock breeding.  We farm in a grass based and uncluttered way which will suit many landlords.    We have a breeding herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle, but also use other native breeds including Devons to manage some sites.  We also run a breeding flock of wool shedding sheep, developed from using wool shedding and Exlana rams.  We sell high quality breeding cattle and sheep.  We are well equipped with mobile sheep and cattle handling facilities and therefore able to take advantage of bare land as well as equipped farm holdings.

Whilst our business was established on wildlife site grazing, we are happy to operate as a tenant of conventional farms and land.  For long term opportunities we have a track record of being prepared to invest in fencing and more significant infra-structure as required.

We would be interested in any farming opportunities between Dorchester, the Purbecks and the Winterborne valley (i.e. in or near south and east Dorset).   We would be keen to tender for farm tenancies, grazing licences and livestock and farm management contracts. We would also be interested in share farming opportunities.  

As part of our education program Jake gives farm walks and tours around any of our grazing sites and farms on a range of subjects associated with farming, food production and conservation grazing.   He has can also create and give presentations in local colleges.  Often this work can be funded from our agri-environment schemes and can therefore be free to the visiting group.

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