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December 2022 Round-up!

Dear Reader,

December has brought some cold frosts and a sprinkle of snow! We hope you have been keeping warm. See our highlights from the month below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Warm wishes,

Wessex Grazing and Wessex Wild

2 December 2022

Never work with animals. As soon as finished filming this the sheep got into the turnip field and Daisy the pup immediately pushed them all through an electric fence I’d just put up, and I spent the next half hour swearing at the dog whilst I fixed the fence!

9 December 2022

A great day out yesterday with Kingston Maurward countryside management students. Cattle handling lesson in the morning and then we christened the new passenger trailer funded by Dorset AONB. A great success on all fronts.

3 December 2022

At Tincleton Christmas trees the boys are raising money for the Somalia appeal by selling mince pies and hot drinks. Chrissy is running her one stop Christmas shop with decorations, gifts and of course beef for sale!

25th May news

10 December 2022

Frozen whiskers! A bit chilly this morning, I’m trying to get round quickly to help dad sell his Christmas trees 🎄 in Tincleton

25th May news

10 December 2022

Feeding hay in the frost, one of winter’s highlights.

11 December 2022

Snow, it looks pretty but the novelty wears off fast in this job!

15 December 2022

25th May news

14 December 2022

Taking the rams out today.

16 December 2022

Willow getting our cows in for their tb test, which I’m pleased to say we passed!


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