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April 2023 Round-up!

Dear Reader,

April has been a busy month, with some new arrivals! See our highlights from the month below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Warm wishes,

Wessex Grazing and Wessex Wild

2 April 2023

Red and black Angus calves in the gorse at breakfast. 

4 April 2023

All creatures great and small!

7 April 2023

Red Angus with herd of sika photobombing!

7 April 2023

More cows if anyones interested! On days like these it’s the best job! 

8 April 2023

Lambing underway at Downton. Like many farmers our sheep didn’t scan so well this year so I’m cheering myself up with a picture of some triplets in the sunshine. Larks are singing their hearts out here!

28 April 2023

Willow putting breeding heifers back in the field.


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