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June Round-up!

Dear Reader,

June has been a hot month, but the cows have the right idea for how to cool down! We’ve seen some more lovely wildflowers in bloom. See our highlights from the month below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Warm wishes,

Wessex Grazing and Wessex Wild

7 June 2022

Paolo our yearling bull looking like a seasoned pro! If he’s looking that strong in 3 weeks I’ll be impressed! 120 bulling cows on Hartland moor, with only Paolo and 1 other bull at the moment. I have more bulls in reserve as we have to run a tag team down here.

17 June 2022

Getting out of the sun! The cows have the right idea!

21 June 2022

Southern marsh orchid and bog asphodel

12th May news
12th May news

21 June 2022

2 x late born AA yearling bulls (June and July). Both with a red gene. Near Puddletown. Wessex herd X085 and X087.

24 June 2022

Today for my birthday I took the wife for a romantic day worming the lambs!

25th May news


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